South Clearfield Elementary 




South Clearfield was in need of an elementary school to replace one that no longer met their educational ambitions or growing student population. Although the current elementary school needed to remain open during construction, and geothermal well fields to the south prescribed where the new building
could be located, the resulting L shaped building provided an excellent footprint for a learning community based school.

The welcoming central heart serves as a connection to the two learning community wings while also being ideal for school
gatherings and performances. Additionally, this school heart connects to various specialty program areas including STEM
and the arts, which will enable them to expand their curriculum.

The learning community wings provide the variety of needed spaces to accommodate 21st century teaching and learning
and meet the individual needs of all students. A flexible studio and the learning commons in each wing provide space for
future student population growth as well as non-traditional learning environments. The communities also have connections
to outdoor spaces and project porches that extend learning beyond the building.

One unique element of this school is the higher education learning community. University students are integrated into
teacher collaboration spaces and can take their own courses in similar 21st century learning spaces. This provides students
the opportunity to be truly immersed in an innovative learning


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