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Architectural BIM Specialist

Hollie is an Architectural BIM Specialist in our Salt Lake City office. She ensures that the design of every project is fully completed, whether that is through drafting the project, or adding the last details to the design. She recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies and has an Associate’s degree from Ensign College in Interior Design. She will be attending Lawrence Technological University for her Master's in Architecture starting Fall 2021. 

“You know you love Architecture when you are constantly thinking about it. Sometimes I will be outside the office, look at a specific part of a building, and laugh to myself while wondering what the detail would look like to construct it. I love my job because I’m able to do just that – draw the intricate details that result in a fully completed project!”

When Hollie isn't at the office, she loves skiing, spending time with her family, crocheting, and planning her next vacation.

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