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Kim Johnosn - 2021 - Copy.jpg

Kimberly Johnson

Principal | Marketing Director


As Marketing Director, Kim helps the firm win work. It’s a cyclical process, but it typically begins by making positive impressions and forming relationships with potential and current clients. With a relationship in place, we can be the “go to” professional when a client needs help with an architectural problem. When qualifications are requested, Kim leads the project pursuit to show why we are the best team for the job and coach our team for presentations.


”I’ve worked in the AEC industry for 17 years and I couldn’t imagine myself in another field. I love seeing projects I’ve helped the firm win come to life. I especially enjoy forming connections with others in the industry and using my network to benefit friends and my firm.”


Kim is living her lifelong dream of horse ownership. She has two horses right in her backyard. Her husband and two daughters are “along for the ride” and very supportive. They love taking care of the horses as a family.

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