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Mckay Dee Hospital - Ogden, UT

Mckay Dee Hospital



Faced with an expensive seismic retrofit for an aging, existing hospital, Intermountain Health Care decided to invest instead, in a new Health Center Medical Campus.


Design West, in association with HKS, designed this new, cutting-edge hospital which creates an ideal patient/family experience in a new Health Center environment.  The project nearly doubled the size of the old facility.  The project includes seven levels (six above ground) and increases the capacity of virually every aspect of patient care, including the Heart Institute, Emergency, ICU, Women;s and Children's Center and Surgery.  The new Health Center also emphasizes proactive self-care by individuals, including:

  • Medically Based Fitness Programs

  • Health Education Resource Centers

  • Integration Physician Work Centers

  • Alternative Therapy Programs

  • Interactive Sites about Health Awareness

The park-like campus and inviting soothing interiors are designed to promote a healing environment.  The medical office building and hospital are joined by a healing garden with a water feature.  This area is designed to provide a soothing environment for quiet reflection, as well as an inviting "garden room" to be viewed from interior spaces.

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