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Baxter 8920 Raymond Smart Ct - Mountain Home AFB, ID

Mountain Home AFB Military Family Housing 



New Homes

The Mountain Home AFB Replacement Housing has created a unique living environment for the Air Force families. These new homes provide efficient, flexible, modern spaces within a richly detailed, historically articulated and spatially traditional Craftsman style neighborhood that invokes the historicity of the surrounding culture and community of the Base.

The project was commissioned by the Air Combat Command through the Corps of Engineers. In recent years, the government has recognized that the quality of its on base housing has a great impact on personnel retention rates and the quality of life of its military personnel. To this end, the federal government has been investing large amounts of time, effort, and money in an effort to update its aging base housing.

This project entailed the demolition of 50 units and their replacement with 66 newly constructed units on 66 acres of land. The project included full design services for site, utilites, land planning, building and building interiors. 

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