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Principal | Architect | Vice President


As Vice President of Design West and a licensed Architect, Scott stays pretty busy around the office. He has been working for the firm for 20 years. Scott is a licensed architect in Utah, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Hawaii and Florida. He received his Bachelor of Science and a Master of Architect at the University of Utah.


Scott’s typical day usually includes a mix of administration and project related tasks. He oversees the Salt Lake office and as such has oversight on all projects run through the office. He has input into the design of most projects that go through our studio and he does most of the design work on his own projects. Scott also helps with proposal submissions and overall marketing efforts. He is one of the three current owners of Design West and he serves on the board of directors.


“I love designing buildings and watching my ideas get built.”


Scott loves water, in all forms. In fact, he says he’d love to be a beach bum when he grows up! He surfs, paddle boards, water skis and snow skis.

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