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Lead Interior Designer


Stacey is our lead Interior Designer. She designs and manages interior finish packages for large scale projects such as commercial, hospitality, multi-family, schools and residential projects. This includes color, lighting, finish and furnishing selections. Stacey makes it a priority to understand her client's needs and wants for every project.

"I appreciate all genres of architecture - from historical buildings and their histories to newly designed buildings. I love working on a team - I feel like teamwork and communication is the way to success in my field of work. I love putting together designs that have a purpose that when you see them you feel happy."

Stacey loves to travel and be near a beach.  In her free time, she likes to garden, attend concerts, baseball games and go camping.  She teaches Professional and Paint Night classes in her spare time and also donates her time by designing sets and painting scenery for various Arts Councils for play performances.