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 Principal | Architect 


Stephen is a registered architect in the state of Utah and has been a member of the Design West team since 2008. He brings fresh, well-rounded and thoughtful input on design theory and implementation. Stephen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho and then went on to receive his Master of Architecture from the University of Idaho as well. Stephen’s strength lies in understanding his client’s goals and vision, and the being able to make them happen.


Stephen performs a range of duties as they pertain to the practice of architecture; including but not limited to designing, 3D modeling, programming, drafting, fee proposals, contracts, marketing, studio managing, coordinating continuing education, construction documentation, construction administration, graphics etc. 


“I love to design. Personally, I put a lot of thought, heart and soul into design. There is something absolutely gratifying about seeing a design that started out as mere thoughts in your head come to fruition in the built environment. If something is detailed or designed the way it is, a designer should always be able to explain oneself as to why it was designed that way. Architecture is a subjective profession. Subject to wonder, inspiration, and criticism. Architecture is a great ride!”


The number one thing that Stephen likes to do out of the office is spend time with his wife and 4 kids. “They are the reason I work”, he says. They like to go kayaking, swimming, hiking, and road trips. They enjoy parks, walking, movies, and having friends over to their house. Stephen personally loves to play golf. He says that it’s an exercise of strategy, patience, minute adjustments, and physical and mental endurance.


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