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Principal | Landscape Architect | President


Blake is the President of Design West Architects. He is a registered Landscape Architect in the state of Utah. He spends his time in the office devoted to landscape architecture tasks and the other part of the day taking care of administration of Design West. He got a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Utah State University and a Master of Business Administration from Utah State University. He was awarded CFO of the year in 2009 by Utah business magazine.

 "I like the people with whom I work. I like seeing our clients happy with the service our people provide. It is also rewarding to see a project I've had involvement with be built and occupied by happy clients."

Blake likes spending time with his family. They are all active in athletics. It's fun and rewarding to support them in their interests. He enjoys serving in his church calling and on the city council of the community in which he lives. He also enjoys working on and driving cars, particularly sports cars, and art. 

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