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Roy Jr. High - Roy, Utah
Roy Jr. High - Roy, Utah
Roy Jr. High - Roy, Utah
Roy Jr. High - Roy, Utah
Roy Jr. High - Roy, Utah

Roy Junior

High School 

To be completed

fall 2020


Roy Junior High School is an on-site occupied replacement of the
much beloved but aged existing school.

Design West planned the use of ICF (insulated concrete forms) for
construction methodology. It is the first ICF school in the state. After explaining the cost-saving opportunities ICF provide, facilities director, Scott Zellmer, said “Do it!” ICF contributed to Roy’s first bid package coming in $750,000 under budget and second bid package coming
in $450,000 under budget. Total savings is $1.2 million for Weber District.

The new school will have almost 50 classrooms, with a maximum school capacity of 1,200 students. Core classrooms are open, with operable pocket doors that lead out to a large common area where students can collaborate on project-based study. The school also
offers classrooms dedicated to science, sewing, cooking, ceramics, band/orchestra, drama, computer technology and education, metal shop, wood shop, and art.

An acoustically tuned cafetorium with collapsible risers for auditorium
performances doubles as a lunch room. The performance platform connects on stage to the performing arts classrooms for music and drama convenience.

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