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Dora Erickson Elementary School - Idaho Falls, ID
Dora Erickson Elementary School - Idaho Falls, ID

DOra erickson elementary School




New School Design


Dora Erickson is a two story elementary school designed to replace the existing school on the same site.  The design’s compact two-story footprint made best use of available space on the site and allowed the existing school to continue to operate while the new school was built.  The instructional core is built around the large two story commons area that serves as additional collaborative activity space. Dora Erickson Elementary was built using ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) technology which permits the school to be built during the coldest winter months, and results in a reduced construction schedule, superior energy efficiency above any other envelope system, air tight construction and superior sound and fire resistance.  To further enhance the energy efficiency of the school, Dora Erickson Elementary is heated and cooled using a ground source heat pump system.

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