Granger-Hunter Improvement District Administration Building Remodel




District Building Remodel

The Granger-Hunter Improvement District Administrative Building built in the early 90’s was in dire need of a refresh. Design West met with key District stakeholders to create an innovative space that refreshes multiple levels of the existing building.


The lobby was renovated to create a more inviting and secure space and to create a better sense of visual control. The Administration offices took on a different approach where the design is directed toward bringing light throughout the building. This allows all the interior offices to feel as if they have a prime view. The Board Room, Breakrooms, and Restrooms were refreshed with new flooring, wall finishes, and lighting.


As a public entity Granger-Hunter had a defined budget that could not be exceeded. Design West worked closely with the District and closely monitored the project’s cost throughout design to ensure the project would meet the budget allocated. When the project bid for construction, the project was significantly UNDER budget. This added value allowed the District to reinvest the savings into additional upgrades in further areas of the building.



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