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Kurt Leikis - 2021 - Copy.jpg



Intern Architect 

Kurt is a BIM Manager and Intern Architect and much of his time is spent on modeling architectural projects or creating drawings for such. He also spends time reviewing specific code items or specs for given elements, and aiding in achieving the design intent. He has also helped with interior finish packages/selections for projects.


"Architecture is an intriguing mix of creativity and problem solving. The juxtaposition of freedom intertwined with the precision needed to create a building or space is very satisfying to the way my mind works. Every project presents a new set of boundaries or criteria to adapt to and overcome, in order to obtain the desired result. The several lifetimes of knowledge and skill to be learned in the field of Architecture, Design, and construction, makes for a deeply rewarding career. I have learned something new almost every day in this field. That's cool!."

Fishing is Kurt's first love. He was hooked as a young boy and the passion for it has never diminished. He progressed to fly-fishing in his mid-twenties and now continually seeks perfection in the sport.

He also enjoys golf, football, shooting sports and a broad collection of reading topics.

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