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Cache High School

The District, students and faculty of Cache County Alternate High were ecstatic to move out of an old, inadequate facility into a new facility with technology and spaces that facilitate learning in a community-based environment.

Design West Architects along with Beazer Engineering, Nielson Engineering, Structural Solution and Cache Landmark - designed a new 16,565 square foot high school that consists of eight classrooms, administrative area, common, gymnasium and a library. Not only did they want to give the students a high-tech learning environment, but they also wanted to include an open space that would fit the needs of the students, facility and community.

With limited site space to include associated structures and a storage building along with the high school, the design team was able to come up with the right solution that made sense and helped save space and money.

Lead designer, Kent Craven, commented on the project saying, “All students deserve a quality education environment. With creativity and a collaborative partnering approach, Design West was able to deliver quality for the students of Cache High. Quality does not need to be cost prohibitive, the careful selection of materials and the development of a flexible design can reduce costs without compromising the quality of an educational environment.”

Design West Architects is proud to be able to deliver projects that are both budget friendly and high quality - Cache Alternative High School being a great example of this. Along with our consultants, Design West was able to bring the alternative high school students of Cache Valley the school and learning environment they deserve.


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