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ICF site tour at Roy Jr. High

We loved taking School Districts and consultants from around the area on a site tour to check out the building process using Fox Blocks. ⁣⁣ Roy Jr. High is the first school in Utah to be built using the Insulated Concrete Forms and we are excited to be working with Weber School District and Hogan & Associates Construction in pioneering this cost saving and energy efficient way of building schools in Utah.

ICF contributed to Roy’s first bid package coming in $750,000 under budget and second bid package coming in $450,000 under budget. Total savings is $1.2 million for Weber District.

“Design West’s innovative design using ICF technology resulted in our school coming in $1.2 million under budget for Roy Junior High School. That’s a significant savings in this volatile construction market. Weber School District is proud to pioneer this construction technology in Utah.”

- Scott Zellmer, WSD Facilities Director


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